Are you still not convinced that people take buying decisions on Twitter?

One of the questions that I always face in training seminars, most of the time by small business owners, is the doubt that social media actually affects buying decisions and that social media networks – especially Twitter – are not ideal market places, rather a platform where marketers spam other marketers with content and offers.
The purpose of my blog today is not to educate people how to use Twitter in order to generate leads and find potential customers (I will leave that part for my social media training seminar that will take place end of February in London) but rather to show you two important things. One that people DO take purchase decisions based on feedback from other social media users and secondly that brands that do not focus on social media might lose potential customers.


Let me show you an example:

As I was browsing my search streams on MarketMeSuite I stumbled across the following tweet by a user who is moving house and is looking for the best Internet and phone line providers. Here is the tweet:


Based on my personal experience (and as you will see from this example I wasn’t the only one) I have used two different Internet service providers the last 4 years with BT being horrible and suffering a lot of random disconnections during the day, so I shared my point of view with Rebecca. I have followed a similar example with Joomlart CMS those who follow my tweets know this already.


What amazes me is the willingness of people to share their experiences with other people when it comes to buying decisions. By searching the stream I found references from other users to Sky broadband, BT, O2 etc by people who do not follow Rebecca or vice versa but maybe were participating at that time in a discussion about internet providers, or have a search stream monitoring specific keywords (the way I found Rebecca’s tweet).

Now the one million dollar question is this: Does BT, Sky Broadband and O2 monitor these discussions? I mean, if I was able to find those tweets surely they should be able to as well and from what I see O2 is a winner and my opinion about O2 corresponds with lots of other users.

How about a tweet from BT Internet saying this:

Hello, I am sorry that you had a negative experience using our service. What was the main issue? We might be able to help!

And if we go back to O2 who seems to be the preferred choice amongst users, how about this:

Thank you 🙂 We try our very hardest to keep our customers happy! FYI here is our “Moving Home” 
page which might be useful:

Surprisingly they do have a moving home page so that suits the buyer’s decision perfectly (see link above).

I normally write long blogs but I think that this pretty much sums up what I’ve been encouraging people to do with social media. People are out there looking for products, to take decisions, to ask for a second opinion. Are you listening to them?