Is Google’s SERP to be completely trusted? The importance of your social network vs your SEO efforts!

Recently I was asked by my director to buy some fresh databases for a project we wanted to run for one of our training programmes. The target group was small to medium enterprises, SMEs in the United Kingdom. I had been disappointed in the past with a couple of data mining companies I worked with, so I decided to make a fresh start and do it myself.

I’ve been into SEO for some time now and after reading Google’s latest quality rating guidelines I decided to put my faith in the king of search engines (despite the huge fiasco with the Go daddy anchor text spam link building technique which resulted in them being optimised on a number of keywords bringing Google’s quality techniques into question!) The keywords I decided to use were “buy SME uk database.” Simple and straightforward. What I expected to see popping up on my screen was the top ten best web sites that can offer me a database of UK SMEs available for purchase.

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