AMP for Wordpress – Detailed guide

I was really busy with business trips and adobe set up the last couple of weeks so totally forgot to upload my new post here.

I am sure by now most of you have read Google’s latest release about Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP). If not, in a nutshell, Accelerated Mobile Pages is a shorter HTML version of your posts and was basically an answer to Facebook’s instant articles, mainly aimed at publishers. You will need 3 wordpress plug ins for this to work as well as using Yoast SEO Plug-In.

Read my detailed guide in how to install AMP to your WordPress site

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New Digital Analytics Blog

It has been a while since I uploaded a post in this space. I have then since advanced to a senior digital analyst position, while I had a couple of years spend in the finance sector as a web analyst.

I have decided to make a new blog discussing exclusively digital analytic reports (both google and adobe sitecatyst) as well as a couple of cool things you can do with google tag manager and Adobe’s DTM.

Please do drop up as i have already published two new posts to start with ( & and i’ll make sure to deliver one new post every week.

Hope to see you there!!

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Is Google’s SERP to be completely trusted? The importance of your social network vs your SEO efforts!

Recently I was asked by my director to buy some fresh databases for a project we wanted to run for one of our training programmes. The target group was small to medium enterprises, SMEs in the United Kingdom. I had been disappointed in the past with a couple of data mining companies I worked with, so I decided to make a fresh start and do it myself.

I’ve been into SEO for some time now and after reading Google’s latest quality rating guidelines I decided to put my faith in the king of search engines (despite the huge fiasco with the Go daddy anchor text spam link building technique which resulted in them being optimised on a number of keywords bringing Google’s quality techniques into question!) The keywords I decided to use were “buy SME uk database.” Simple and straightforward. What I expected to see popping up on my screen was the top ten best web sites that can offer me a database of UK SMEs available for purchase.

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Are you still not convinced that people take buying decisions on Twitter?

One of the questions that I always face in training seminars, most of the time by small business owners, is the doubt that social media actually affects buying decisions and that social media networks – especially Twitter – are not ideal market places, rather a platform where marketers spam other marketers with content and offers.
The purpose of my blog today is not to educate people how to use Twitter in order to generate leads and find potential customers (I will leave that part for my social media training seminar that will take place end of February in London) but rather to show you two important things. One that people DO take purchase decisions based on feedback from other social media users and secondly that brands that do not focus on social media might lose potential customers.


Let me show you an example:

As I was browsing my search streams on MarketMeSuite I stumbled across the following tweet by a user who is moving house and is looking for the best Internet and phone line providers. Here is the tweet:


Based on my personal experience (and as you will see from this example I wasn’t the only one) I have used two different Internet service providers the last 4 years with BT being horrible and suffering a lot of random disconnections during the day, so I shared my point of view with Rebecca. I have followed a similar example with Joomlart CMS those who follow my tweets know this already.


What amazes me is the willingness of people to share their experiences with other people when it comes to buying decisions. By searching the stream I found references from other users to Sky broadband, BT, O2 etc by people who do not follow Rebecca or vice versa but maybe were participating at that time in a discussion about internet providers, or have a search stream monitoring specific keywords (the way I found Rebecca’s tweet).

Now the one million dollar question is this: Does BT, Sky Broadband and O2 monitor these discussions? I mean, if I was able to find those tweets surely they should be able to as well and from what I see O2 is a winner and my opinion about O2 corresponds with lots of other users.

How about a tweet from BT Internet saying this:

Hello, I am sorry that you had a negative experience using our service. What was the main issue? We might be able to help!

And if we go back to O2 who seems to be the preferred choice amongst users, how about this:

Thank you 🙂 We try our very hardest to keep our customers happy! FYI here is our “Moving Home” 
page which might be useful:

Surprisingly they do have a moving home page so that suits the buyer’s decision perfectly (see link above).

I normally write long blogs but I think that this pretty much sums up what I’ve been encouraging people to do with social media. People are out there looking for products, to take decisions, to ask for a second opinion. Are you listening to them?

Why social media is a number’s game

Many posts from those in the know on Twitter have underlined social media usage as not being primarily about how many followers/Likes/+1s businesses get – and I definitely endorse that to a degree. After all, it’s pointless asking people who have no interest in your services to ‘Like’ your page, or to create fake Twitter accounts to up the follower numbers – which add absolutely nothing of value to your feed and your business.

However, generally in life I believe business (and pleasure!) is largely a numbers game to an extent. If I look back at successes I’ve had both at work and play, they’ve usually come about over time, thanks to perseverance and also how much contact I’ve had and made with relevant sources.

Note the last highlighted phrase. ‘Relevant’ is the key word here.

Social media as a marketing tool is no different. If you have 10,000 irrelevant followers (meant in the nicest possible way) obviously it’s a futile game. However, if you have 1,000 relevant followers, the outlook’s very different.
When I look at social media users I most admire, they are the ones providing quality content but also regularly. They are the ones responding and engaging with followers. They create an aura around themselves through positioning themselves as a leader in their field. This ‘buzz’ is only created over time and with time comes larger amounts of online engagement and followers. This could be through blogging, Twitter, Facebook and any other networking sites if used wisely.

So, it really is a numbers game!

But how can you up the odds in your favour? It may seem straightforward, but are you really doing this?

A few tips:

  • Try to set a minimum number of tweets/blog posts that you do per day/week. It doesn’t matter if it’s hard to stick to initially, just start creating the habit and getting into a good pattern.
  • Make sure that you are creating conversations in the right areas with the right people. This is just about common sense. Target a significant amount of relevant networks and forums but target carefully. This is a numbers plus quality game!
  • Offline networking face-to-face is in many ways more useful than online. How many times have you been to a networking event, made good connections, then added everyone on Linkedin the next day? It’s often a natural process. That transition from offline to online is key and the more you can combine the two, the better it’ll work for you. And, crucially, the more networking events you attend equals more Linkedin connections and equals more potential customers/referrals. It can be hard to build the same rapport initially online, it’s better to meet upfront first.
  • Let’s face it, if you have 1,000 followers and just 200 of those are timewasters…that’s still another 800 people getting your message and passing it on! As long as the majority of your followers or contacts are relevant, that’s fine. And the more followers and contacts you have the more leads you could achieve indirectly and directly. All this through helping others and adding value to your services.
  • Youtube is a BRILLIANT way to market your business (for various complex SEO reasons that I will go into in my next blog) and the more you post…the more you’re likely to get publicity, particularly if again, the videos are channelled towards the relevant crowd!
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11 things you have learned from Atladas Media Blog in 2011

First and foremost Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2012 brings you everything you wish for on both a personal and professional level. As we get back to the daily grind after our Christmas break we thought we’d take a retrospective look at 11 topics we’ve covered during our 2011 blogs…So here it goes:

Do you use Facebook Ads? If you do, think outside the box!

On a recent social media training course I was running I met a digital photographer who was interested in using Facebook to generate leads and eventually potential customers. Her being a rookie to the social media world, she wasn’t aware of the differences between Facebook and Google ads so the practises she followed did not return anything on her investment, as she mainly behaved as if Facebook was a typical SEO keyword advertisement platform!

In my last blog How to get your Facebook page the thumbs up I was trying to explain that there are no big secrets to succeeding with Facebook ads and that the answer is really simple. If you want to use Facebook you need to do it the consumers’ way and think outside the box!

You can find the full article here:

Hope you enjoy the read and don’t forget to leave your comments or tweet us directly at @akronsound or @atladasmedia should you wish to chat with us about this blog or any of our services.

Measuring social media successfully – a few tricks and tips

This week’s blog is some tricks and tips in measuring your social media efforts successfully.

Like any other marketing strategy, social media methods should be thoroughly tested to see what works best. However, as social media is a nascent industry, one thing that needs to be established by you and/or your team is how you define social media measurement.

You can find the full article here:

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How businesses can best use social media in 2012

This week’s blog “How businesses can best use social media in 2012” is about what can be expected in 2012, focusing on those who are already using social media networks as part of their CRM or marketing strategy. A good sum up of:

  • Focus on cultivating a ‘social business culture’ – whatever the size of your business
  • Location-based messaging
  • Accountability and ethics
  • Monitoring and Analytics

You can find it here:

Hope you enjoy the read and don’t forget to leave your comments or tweet us directly at @akronsound or @atladasmedia should you wish to chat with us about your social media marketing strategy or social media training.


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Building relationships on Twitter is the same as building relationships in the ‘real world.’

Building relationships on Twitter is the same as building relationships in the ‘real world.’ I’m writing this blog for the benefit of business owners or individuals who have Twitter accounts but still aren’t too sure about how it can help them build their credibility.

It still astounds me that many people I speak to about Twitter think that after tweeting once suddenly overnight they should be inundated with demands for their product/service and sales should soar.

Do these same people believe that if they were to make one sales call, or deliver one leaflet a la ‘traditional’ marketing methods they would get a deluge of phone calls from customers begging to purchase their latest product? I suspect not.

“But wait,” they may say. “Twitter is all about reaching out too many with just one tweet. That one sales call/leaflet/email is not. It just targets one customer.”

True, very true.

But I liken Twitter to your first day at the office. No one really knows you, no one really cares what you have to say, you’re just the newbie. Bit by bit you build your credibility and you get listened to in the Monday morning meetings. You get invited out for drinks at the local pub for Sarah’s birthday (although be careful with this – giving away your thoughts about your co-workers after a few beers is to be avoided.) Point is, developing strong relationships always take time.

Hence when you eagerly post details of your product or service on Twitter and wait for a response, unless you’ve spent time cultivating the right kind of followers, it’s unlikely anyone’s going to really bother to respond.

So, Twitter as a marketing tool is not that different to any other way of marketing or building up a client base. It is just an EXTRA METHOD that could potentially give you access to a WIDER audience than just the one around your immediate contacts and clients.

Just think of Twitter as one big happy virtual networking event.

So, how to make an impact? Just follow the same rules you follow whilst building ‘real’ relationships in the ‘real’ world.Regularly tweet/interact with other tweeters

Consistency is key. If I had a pound for every Twitter account set up which had minimal tweeting action going on I’d be a multimillionaire. Just like people, there are millions of accounts out there. If you’re not telling anyone about your business and its benefits in real life, you wouldn’t expect to get customers, so why would you on Twitter? Aim to tweet about five times a day and to interact with people or brands you want to get to know.

Patience is the key

The most important thing is not to give up in the early days. Once you learn the true value of Twitter you will realise it’s not just a load of people writing about ‘Washing their hair’ (yes, Twitter virgins often complain that they don’t want to read about pointless trivia such as this) but, if you’re following the right accounts you will see how they interact and it’s a great idea to learn from the experts. Which brings me on to the next point…

Target the right people

There’s no point following Britney Spears if you run an IT consultancy. Be serious, target those you really feel you could benefit from and who also follow other accounts that could potentially benefit your business. If you get one of your posts ‘retweeted’ by one of your followers, it could reach an audience of hundreds of thousands of people. Let your followers be your viral marketers but remember to ADD value to their Twitter feeds – nothing is more annoying than constantly seeing someone posting pointless information that clogs up your feed!

Be respectful

As many have already noted, Twitter etiquette is the same as the one you follow daily with other humans. Don’t say anything to anyone you wouldn’t say to their face, thank them when they retweet you and generally don’t be abusive. Online personalities should be an extension of the best bits of your own personality.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Some Twitter users advocate staying on topic and never tweeting about anything else. Of course it’s best to be very aware of your identity, why you’re tweeting and to work on building valuable content. However, it’s always good to be sociable, that’s what Twitter’s there for! So why not tweet occasionally about what you’re up to at the weekend, wish everyone a Happy New Year/Christmas/Thanksgiving. It’s about being friendly as well as professional!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the time aspect

Some small business owners really fear the amount of time Twitter takes up. It’s true that it can be addictive, however, it shouldn’t distract you from deadlines. Give yourself a ‘tweet quota’ and if striving to finish a project cut off social networking for a few hours while you focus purely on the important stuff. If you just think of it as something that fits in with the ebb and flow of your day, it’ll seem less scary…..

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