11 things you have learned from Atladas Media Blog in 2011

First and foremost Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2012 brings you everything you wish for on both a personal and professional level. As we get back to the daily grind after our Christmas break we thought we’d take a retrospective look at 11 topics we’ve covered during our 2011 blogs…So here it goes:
  1. There are low competitive keywords that have the exact same quieries as popular ones and will cost you a quarter of the price, you just need to do a bit of research, check out our post: Before you optimise your web pages and spend money on Google Ads do a bit of research!
  2. The infamous Google guidelines that were accidentally “leaked” on the Internet a few months ago explaining how their webmasters rate a web site. Here we summarise the most important ones to save you the trouble of reading 130 pages: A quick overview of Google’s quality rating paper.
  3. The importance of social media in terms of SEO as Google proceeds with their “make search more secure” philosophy, hiding keyword queries from Google Analytics if a user is logged in on his Google account. A good move from Google to help them enhance their Google Ad product, but also an opportunity for businesses to engage even more via social media: Is Social Media the new SEO? How content is set to take over the race to the top!
  4. Are you a small business owner with low marketing exposure and want use Facebook? This will help you optimise your Facebook title and landing page content: How to get your Facebook page the thumbs up!
  5. How to 301 redirect non-www and index.php web site versions to www onesThis was inspired by our personal experience working with the Joomlart web site. If we went back in time Iwe would have never made such a horrible decision and would have gone with more convenient platforms such as Drupal or WordPress. Most Joomlart web sites suffer from multiple web site versions that are auto-created. Yiannis managed to solve it  in the end by adding some coding on the httacess file and in the above blog we explain how.
  6. Sixty percent of Internet users state that they don’t want a new social media platform, but yet again Google couldn’t resist increasing its empire and released Google +! What the future holds is yet to be seen, but have a read about what we think about this: Why Google Plus Business Edition won’t have an impact on your social media performance
  7. Some people have the X-Factor when it comes to business presentations. Here is what to do to win over the judges and go through to the next round – Don’t be boring, stop the audience from snoring! How to distinguish a great presentation from an average one.
  8. Six things you should do on Twitter (a case of art imitating life): Building relationships on Twitter is the same as building relationships in the ‘real world.
  9. How businesses can best use social media in 2012Have a look at some of our tips regarding how businesses can best use social media networks in 2012 and we’ll see how things pan out for 2013…
  10. Measuring social media successfully – a few tricks and tips was a pretty popular blog. Have a look at some feedback we got from Linkedin:  “This is one of the best and most concise summaries on the subject that I’ve yet seen. So much surrounding social media is hype just now, with a whiff of “Emperor’s New Clothes”. So much commentary seems to be about jumping on the latest bandwagon, but you very properly bring the subject back to cost-effectiveness, having the internal infrastructure to deal with all this increased traffic, and making sure you know when it’s “worked” through evaluation”.
  11. Do you use Facebook Ads? If you do, think outside the box! Food for thought regarding how you should think when deciding to use Facebook advertising.
That’s it pretty much. Thank you all for being with us these first months in our journey, it’s lovely being part of the social media community. I hope we give back a small amount of all the great things we get from it with our blog! Do not forget to follow us on @akronsound and @atladasmedia on Twitter. Drop by and say hi!

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